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The Central Pain Patient's Bill of Rights

We all face frustrations as we interact with our family and friends, and with the medical professionals we count upon to help us. It's impossible for them to understand or to fully appreciate the extent of the impact of Central Pain. This page is a byproduct of those daily frustrations.

1. We have the right to tell others that our nervous systems are dysfunctional, and that otherwise normal sensations are communicated to our brain as torturous pain.

2. We have the right to ask for assistance with feeding and housing ourselves, just as with anyone else who suffers a debilitating disability.

3. We have the right to inform our doctors that our pain is different from that of other patients, and to help educate them by providing literature specific to Central Pain so that they may better offer us treatment.

4. When a treatment is not working, we have the right to tell our doctors that it is not working without losing the good will of the medical profession.

5. We have the right to demand that the needed research is performed to help stop our pain.

6. We have the right to call for every medical student to receive at least basic training from specialists in the treatment of pain.

7. We have the right to wear less than the normal amount of clothing and still circulate in society, so long as we stay within bounds of decency.

8. We have the right to limit of movements, and to avoid movement that is painful.

9. We have the right to request help and understanding from others without being accused of weakness.

10. We have the right to help others understand that we are severely disabled, even though our bodies appear normal to their eyes, and thus we have the right to not always fulfill the expectations of others as to how we should act.